13 Temmuz 2016 Çarşamba

Present Simple Tense: Özne Fiil Uyumu

(Subject-Verb Agreement)


1. The books (is/are) on the table in the living room.

2. German (is/are) a difficult language to learn.

3. January and March (have/has) 31 days.

4. He (drive/drives) too quickly.

5. Tuesday and Wednesday (is/are) very long days for Alison.

6. My father (want/wants) to buy a car.

7. January (have/has) 31 days.

8. The Nile River (flow/flows) from south to north.

9. A trip from here to Istanbul (take/takes) about 24 hours.

10. Tomorrow's homework (begins/begin) on page 35.

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